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About Me

Social Kelli is a fashion and lifestyle brand that gives marketing tips and brand recommendations to the every day woman to help grow your dream life. Take a look around my Amazon shop, read about my social media journey and follow for fashion and style inspiration. Learn how to create a home and business that reflect your passions!

I provide a platform to educate and empower our readers to think outside the box in order to create their own success. My blog provides everything from online blog info to fashion and home environment tips. Whether just starting out in the blogging business or looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, Social Kelli can help you grow a profitable blog. I am passionate about helping women reach their goals and create the life that they want for themselves. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their dream lives, regardless of financial or professional background. We will also look at styling and fashion trends with tons of products to check out for home, beauty, and lifestyle. Amazon shoppable links, online advice and tutorials, styling tips and tricks – it’s all here on Social Kelli. For those looking for a place to find the latest fashion trends, learn how to be an effective blogger, or simply get inspired by the latest lifestyle tips, Social Kelli is a growing positive resource!

My History

I started Social Kelli as more of a journal than a blog and realized that it could also speak to other women like me leading normal yet unique lives.  Women like me, who are not celebrities but are creative, intentional, mature yet experimental, constantly evolving, (over)thoughtful, engaged where they want to be, decidedly disconnected from the noise and of course, purposely comfortable with who they are…

If you are a woman who…

Lives her life comfortably and fashionably 

Chooses experiences that allow you to be the best version of yourself 

Enjoys carefully chosen surroundings that are seductive and romantic

Has the strength to not to be part of a group even while you are delightedly part of a group

Is able to express uncertainties and contradictions without losing yourself

Has a life that is lived in online spaces as well real-life ones.

Walks the line between rebellion and convention because she WANTS to

Has the strength to embrace opposition while being increasingly experimental

Appreciates meanings and memories 

Occupies every space with confidence and defies invisibility

Likes making something out of everyday things


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