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Anna Kellise

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About Me

Social Kelli is fashion and lifestyle brand that gives style tips and brand recommendations to the every day woman to help grow your dream life. Take a look around my Amazon shop, read about my social media journey and follow for fashion and style inspiration. Learn how to create a home and business that reflect your passions!

My History

In the retrospect of my past and the reality of today, the birth of this blog  makes complete sense. A few years back, I was grappling with a life that felt monotonous and lacked purpose. It was a struggle to find my footing and understand who I truly was.


Amidst this confusion, I stumbled upon the immense impact that embracing one’s true self can have. It was a turning point – experimenting with styles, finding my confidence through style, and shaping my living spaces to mirror my identity.


So here is  my response to this transformation-a platform to share my journey, my newfound authenticity, and to encourage others to do the same!

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