The Tale of “The Ballber”: A Woman’s Account

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Let me just start off by saying, when it comes to male grooming rituals, I’ve always been a silent spectator – supportive, yet uninvolved. But then, “The Ballber” made an entrance into our lives and I found myself amidst an unexpected revolution.

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As a woman, I’ve seen my share of my male grooming tools, but never one that elicited both a smirk and a pique of curiosity quite like this one. ‘Happy Nuts’? Really? The name itself felt like marketing designed to lure in those looking for a laugh with their trim-and it worked. I’ll admit, I was concerned that a recipient might not take it seriously. My man, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the branding.

I observed as he unpacked “The Ballber“. He says he appreciates the dual-sided design, remarking on its potential for those interesting undercarriage maneuvers. It is obvious that this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill groomer. 

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The ‘nut-safe blade’ was the next point of interest – a feature I found rather comforting, given the horror stories of nicks and tugs that are of legend in men’s grooming sessions. I waited for a complaint or dismissal of the device, but none came. Was it possible that it is actually as safe as it claims?

After a few sessions of (unprompted) use, I noticed a subtle yet undeniable change. My husband, once indifferent to the nuances of male grooming, was now an advocate for regular maintenance. He says it helps with confidence- as women we are well aware of that feeling. There’s an air of self-assurance about him that is… alluring.

I’ll give it to ‘Happy Nuts’ – they know their audience. The LED spotlight, a feature I wasn’t sure was needed, proved its worth during a particularly dim evening. The travel lock saves from the all-too-common buzzing suitcase scenario during a weekend getaway.

I can’t leave out the comfort Cream-it smells AMAZING. It’s a cream that turns to a powder for chaffing and, well things that stick to things.

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My final thoughts on this male grooming tool?  A product, especially one as audacious as “The Ballber,” needs to earn its keep. And my man’s endorsement is strong. The product has proven its merit in the functionality department. It works very well and is very easy to use.

If you’re considering bringing “The Ballber” into your life, I recommend it whole-heartedly. It’s performed admirably thus far, it’s truly the paragon of male grooming. 

Happy Nuts Starter Sack Bundle Comfort Cream Deodorant, Nut and Body Wash, Comfort Powder, and Toiletry Bag
  • COMFORT CREAM: applies as a lotion, and dries as a powder to absorb your sweat and create an anti-friction layer, all while keeping you smelling like you just got out of the shower, even if you didn’t.
  • COMFORT POWDER: Talc-free and plant-based body powder provides all-day comfort with protection against sweat, chafing, and odor to provide unparalleled comfort for men.
  • BODY & NUT WASH: Our all natural nut and body wash for men, deeply cleanses with a creamy rich lather, leaving your skin soft, smooth, moisturized, and conditioned.
  • THE SACK – TOILETRY BAG: this tolietry bag comes with 3 storage compartments, two large compartments on top

And to “Happy Nuts”, Well Done – you’ve made an on-again, off-again groomer a die hard regular user. Not an easy feat.

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